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New trends in companies can only be implemented through new business capabilities

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The methodology

Identifying trends is essential for companies and determines their sustainable market success. But it is only by acquiring new capabilities that trends can be implemented in a company-specific way.

In order to successfully design this process, a methodology is required that takes into account all design levels, from strategy, processes and IT to the organization and people of a company.

We have developed a method to derive the required capabilities from the trends: “trend2ability”.

We consider all design levels in the company: Strategy, processes, organization and IT&Tools. Our approach is therefore holistic and differentiates itself from approaches that only target sub-areas such as IT or processes.

In the delivery of services we work closely with the management consultancy TCI Transformation Consulting International.

  • Step 1
    Identification of relevant trends
  • Step 2
    Prioritization of trends
  • Step 3
    Mapping of trends against design levels
  • Step 4
    Derivation of required capabilities
  • Step 5
    Creation of a roadmap

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